7 Missing character from Infinity War, see list


The biggest movie ever made in Marvel Cinema is’ Infinity War’. The film is going to release on April 25. Where this film will be in 2 parts. Now, all the people are waiting for this movie because all super heroes in this movie will be seen together.We Will here discuss missing characters from infinity war,see list.

There are more than 70 characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe in this movie. On the other hand there are few superheros who will not appear in this movie. And today we are going to tell you the list of those superheroes.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest superhero in marvel comics. but if we talk about Infinity War so she will not be in this film. The reason behind that she will be in the second part of this film because Captain Marvel has the ability to defeat Thanos.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury, who created a big team like Avengers but he will also not appear in the film ‘Infinity War’. Because he goes to find Captain Marvel for help during this film. That’s why he will be in the film of Captain Marvel, which will be released in 2019. This film will be seen between two parts of ‘Infinity War’.

Agent 13

This character of Marvel appeared in Captain America’s Civil War and Winter Soldier movie. she was acted a big role in these film. But She will not be in this film. Hope that she will be appear in fourth part of the Avengers movie.

Wasp Women

We all know that ‘Antman and the Wasp’ movie will be release in this year but if we only talk about the Wasp who is the superheroine of the Marvel films. But she will also not appear in the film of Infinity War. And here is a good news for you that she will appear in Avengers 4.

Lady Sif

Lady Sif is one of the biggest part of Thor’s life, where we have seen her a key role in Thor’s two films. But she will also not appear in Infiniti War. She may be in the avengers 4.


This superhero is in a lot of discussion now, actually hawkeye is not appearing in both trailer of the infinity war. Well Hawkeye is one of the best hero of Marvel. Hope that he will be in this film.


As we have already known, this superhero will be seen in the film ‘Antman and the Wasp’ coming in July 2018, which is linked to Infiniti War. By the way, Antman will be in this movie or not, it is not confirmed.


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